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i took my mom on the Tower of Terror and she screamed so loud and so long her voice was messed up for a week a two days. she hates falling and the fact it was a elavator was even worse. she also has a fear of people in fuzzy costumes and its evern worst if
Ash5691 · 3898 days ago

a few days ago my friend audrey was ran over by a truck and she broke both legs her hip and coller bone. But the worst part is her oldeter sister was the one driveing. Her sister was learning to drive and audrey was waiting on the sidewalk and her sister h
Ash5691 · 3923 days ago

for some people valentines day marks a great holiday for loving that significant other but for people like me it’s a sharp reminder that you don’t have a significant other no one wanted to be my valentine this year so after that disaster I decided I don't
Ash5691 · 3946 days ago

i had to unload 800 boxes of girl scout cookies. thats a lot of cookies to sell but i did the booth sales and sold over half that. Happy
Ash5691 · 3947 days ago

For any one who actually raeds my posts your not going to find anything profound or inspiring that will change your life forever. You will find simple stupid stuff that sometimes makes no sence at all so there :P and if you havent figured it out yet the on
Ash5691 · 3956 days ago

No one ever reads my blog like ever..... maybe its because its my first bloging day Hmmmmmmmmmmmm..........                                            Thinking
Ash5691 · 3957 days ago

YES!!!!!!! The weekend im so excited. i got a ukelele and im have almost learned the song "Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World" yay                                                             super happy
Ash5691 · 3957 days ago

i fidn my self sitting here with my work open but im so board i dont want to do it so I listen to music but now its hard to focus GGGGGGGRRRRRRRRR....... so i guess i just have to suck it up and do it.                                                      
Ash5691 · 3957 days ago

i have never bloged before. i asked my mom about it and she said its like a diary the anyone can read. So I testing this out.
Ash5691 · 3957 days ago