I guess I can share things like my life here? I'm Hannah and I have a big problem that no one can solve. I love horses. I have since I was little, honestly. I'm not sure what I saw at first. Horses are 1200 pound animals that have a mind of their own. All
Han8317 · 1991 days ago

there's this fruit tree in my back yard I'm not sure if its peaches or something else but its so big and its got the prettiest pink flowers on it. I would sit under it but there's so many bees that the tree practically vibrates. that's my pink for the day
Eva6498 · 2069 days ago



Doesn't something or it always hurt?? Maybe like a broke foot, or spraining your wrist or you have some disease.. Don't you wish it would just go away?? But in the past, I have experienced some pain in my life; actually alot of pain.. My mom died, (real mo
Mic1783 · 3910 days ago

So you want to know crazy huh?? Well, I laugh pretty much at everything and anything.. whether it's funny or not.. I am very clumsy, and i fall all the time.. I'm not the smartest person you'll probably ever meet.  I love to be around friends, and I can be
Mic1783 · 3911 days ago

As the day go on, i stare out the window.. noticing the beautiful trees and the flowers blooming.. The river running by, the sound of the water, making me sleepy; making the day feel like it's just floating by.. I sit here, dreaming of putting my feet in t
Mic1783 · 3911 days ago

Well every one knows that not every day is the same exept at ower house at ower house its raining again and with lightning and thunder with in 5 miles so i dont have long for this blog post and ower dog is sniffing the floors as usual and the screeming me
Curt181232 · 4259 days ago