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28 Days Ago
Hey yall! It's Amanda, and I decided to write a story of my own to formally start the forum. The title is "Checkmate". Enjoy!
46 Days Ago
Send some of your edits if you have any!
47 Days Ago
This is the Gacha Community!! If you like Gacha Club/Life then join us!!
47 Days Ago
I was in theatre at my old school and I would like to join!
72 Days Ago
I play call of duty, read dead redemption, Minecraft, and skyrim
72 Days Ago
yea i would like to join to  
76 Days Ago
since it's hella quiet here I was thinking if we could do something like a Creepypasta forum where we make up online h
88 Days Ago
93 Days Ago
94 Days Ago