Value Colleges is pleased to report that Forest Trail Academy has been ranked at number 12 in our ranking of the Top 25 Best Value Online High Schools for 2017. You can read the article at

High school students today have a host of new challenges that may keep them from reaching their highest potential in traditional on-campus high schools, from disabilities or advanced skills to unconventional living situations or bullying. But fortunately, young people have a multitude of options available to them that would have been unimaginable even a decade ago, and the digital native generation have been prepared for online education their entire life.
Value Colleges makes it their mission to provide students and their families with the information they need to make the best financial and educational choices available to them. With our focus on value, defined as the institutions that provide students with what they promise, Value Colleges is a resource for everyone who puts a premium on returns. Your institution’s inclusion demonstrates the commitment you have made to both quality and value
Congratulations on making the list. Prominent universities like Boston College, Wake Forest University, and Duke University have proudly featured their Value Colleges ranking on their program websites, in press releases, and in social media. I have attached an official Value Colleges badge for use in your marketing and promotions. 
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Top 25 Best Value Online High Schools for 2017